Wealth Management


We have quickly established a reputation for managing the wealth of our increasingly complex clients who can be resident and/or tax resident in at least one other country; they sometimes have children schooling in several countries and are constantly on the move. We take a global view and approach our demanding responsibilities through a dedication to ensuring each and every client is advised as to what best suits their individual and often complex needs.

Our unique approach to managing your wealth means you can rest assured that we will expertly navigate your financial options to provide you with the most suitable investments available in today’s increasingly complex financial world.

We understand you worked hard to build up your wealth and we will ensure that your wealth will work hard for you.

It is important that we get to know you and our partners and advisers will work hand in hand with you to make sure we understand your needs and appreciate your unique situation. Whether you are looking to retire in the immediate future or are looking to provide added protection to preserve your wealth we can offer unique and individual advice and opportunities tailored specifically to your situation.

Our focus will always be to provide the most relevant and suitable investment recommendations for you and we will make sure that we take account of every aspect of your personal wealth management situation.

We are expert in assisting those expatriates in Portugal who either have NHR status and therefore should plan for its expiry and those residents that do not currently have the NHR tax status.


Our Investment Services

A large amount of our, as well as our clients, success comes from maintaining a highly disciplined and methodical approach to searching the world’s leading investment opportunities in order to source the most appropriate and correctly risk profiled investments for you.

 At the core of our process is a risk based system designed to provide an appropriately diversified portfolio of investment opportunities which we introduce over time to our clients as we painstakingly build an overall picture of each client’s overall wealth management profile.

Using one or more tax efficient structures to house your investments is typically very prudent. Ingenium has access to every respected solution provider and is not dictated to by any higher power when it comes to their selection.


Dedicated, Lifelong Adviser Relationship

We endeavour to keep our clients up to date with current developments on the world’s financial markets and provide them with their own personal relationship manager who provides each and every client with competent advice and access to the latest opportunities available through our extensive resources. Ultimately, we believe long-term relationships can only be established through trust and that this needs to be built through continuous and reliable communication on a timely basis.


Superior Advice

We are committed to making sure our Client Advisors are up to date with industry standards and regulations and equipped to provide the very highest level of service and knowledge.

Our true independcy shines!

Tailormade Solutions

We generate a holistic view of your wealth profile, so we can reliably and consistently provide the most suitable and strategic investment opportunities specifically suited to your overall wealth management goals.


If you are seeking quick and sporadic returns, we are not for you as we focus on responsible investing for the long term.

Good corporate governance and any necessary regulations must be taken into account.

This forms the basis of our investment process.