Our Value Added

Our Advisors have significant experience in financial management and have been indoctrinated into Ingenium Financial’s well defined and structured approach to investing. All our Advisers have experience in all areas of managing client capital and draw upon the knowledge of market-leading research and analysis and our in-house skills to generate investment strategies which are designed to achieve above average outcomes.

Discretionary Services

Ingenium Financial offers its clients a balanced mix of investment opportunities which are individually tailored to match each client’s individual risk profile and long- term investment goals, and we strive to ensure that our recommendations match your specific needs and meet your long-term plans.

Tailored Services

Many of our clients are still actively busy in their successful professional careers and in recognition of this we offer a discretionary service where our Advisors carefully select a suitable range of investments which match your overall investment objectives and risk profile. We leave the final decision up to our clients but work hand in hand with you to deliver the information you need to make strategic choices and ongoing adjustments throughout the holding period of your investments.

Ingenium Financial then focuses closely on monitoring your investments to make sure you maintain a suitably balanced portfolio and one which has the necessary controls, checks and balances in place to provide the best possible protection of capital employed.

Specialised Screening

As part of our service we constantly screen global markets with a focus towards identifying varying opportunities for both capital appreciation with income generation within an overall controlled risk environment. In doing so you can trust that Ingenium Financial is up to date with leading developments across a broad range of investment opportunities which include equities, bonds, commodities and property and more specialist trends within various sectors as well as specialised situations.

Recommended Investments

Ingenium Financial is your partner in the global markets and will work closely with you to identify and execute your investment decisions with the shared aim of achieving your long-term investment goals.

Personalised Portfolios

Our Advisers never lose sight of the fact that you worked hard to generate your wealth to date and we are here to help you make the most of your investment power by providing you with professional recommendations and institutional level knowledge. Our Advisors are trained to provide our clients with flexible recommendations that adapt to your changing circumstances and are supported by well- rehearsed asset allocation principles for each client’s specific risk and return requirements. We draw on a range of sources to keep you updated with the latest research and market insights and constantly provide updates on market conditions, new opportunities as well as alternative investment developments. In doing so our clients can be rest assured that they are kept up to date, which we find is particularly important in today’s times of rising volatility and emerging opportunities.

Dynamic investment advice

Our advisory service aims to provide many of our busier clients with the knowledge and support needed to help them quickly identify and digest the ever-changing trends within the global investment markets. Our team of advisers provide a disciplined and ongoing flow of information specifically summarised and tailored for each of our clients’ specific investment and wealth management goals. We save you time and highlight

The most important trends and developments which encompass not only economic developments but also emerging trends across all asset classes throughout all of the world’s major markets. In this way, we have built up a solid reputation for providing timely, well researched and thought-provoking advice in real time and specifically prepared to meet each of our clients’ specific wealth management goals.

Structured Solutions

Whilst our focus is to provide superior investment returns for our clients, we understand that our clients have differing circumstances and objectives and therefore our Advisers are trained to work with our many partners to help our clients achieve their investment objectives which suit their individual circumstances.

We therefore encourage our clients to discuss their pension plans with us so that we can offer specific recommendations that are carefully crafted to meet your individual circumstances. For expatriate clients who are now contemplating re-patriating to the UK or eyeing retirement in another country, our Advisers have a deep understanding of the various tax efficient vehicles, you may own directly or be beneficiary to, whether onshore or offshore. Our Senior Adviser is well versed in being able to best position these existing investment structures and help you crate a tax efficient regular income.

Personal Execution Services

It is important that once we structure the appropriate investment for our clients, we are able to execute the relevant trades in a timely manner and of course at the best possible price and with a fair and reasonable exchange rate.

Investment dealing services

Our trading systems have been set up and designed to provide quick access to global markets and are sufficiently coordinated with our back office and foreign exchange departments to provide for quick and efficient execution. For many of our first-time clients our advisers are more than happy to sit and talk you through your trades and provide a level of comfort that only boutique firs such as Ingenium can and are willing to do.

Foreign exchange services

Many of our clients live and work in a country that they were not born in and are not citizens of. They typically hold assets around the world so we have developed global relationships designed to quickly and efficiently facilitate trades on all major exchanges and in all major currencies at prices and rates typically reserved for larger Institutional firms.