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About Us

Ingenium Financial has established a reputation amongst its growing client base for consistent results through a highly personalised and individual approach, tailored specifically to meet the increasingly complex wealth management requirements of our mainly expatriate investor base.

Since our establishment, we have perfected our approach in providing a diversified and broad range of investment opportunities which are well researched and personally selected by our exceptionally talented investment professionals and partners.

In short, Ingenium Financial prides itself on being able to provide truly independent, EU regulated, fee based, transparent and high value advice.

We Are Passionate About Building Long-Term Relationships

This means establishing a correct strategy from the outset and then developing it over time. It means guiding you to the most appropriate solution from the outset, putting your needs first

 With open and honest dialogue we continue to deliver good results and tax optimised outcomes over time.

Investment Strategy

We provide on-going market commentary so you are kept abreast of all the contributing factors that may influence the markets.

We are constantly evaluating consensus and authority opinion that help formulate the make-up of portfolios.

We eliminate home and other behavioral biases to ensure consistently satisfactory results whilst navigating what could be a volatile investment environment, whilst always taking into consideration your measured attitude towards risk and reward.


Advisory Board

As part of a wider group of award winning Advisory with over 700 million Euros under management or influence and holders of both a MiFID II and an Insurance solution license (IDD), you can be assured of the highest standards of governance and regulatory compliance.

We offer several portfolio construction and management possibilities including that of a purely individual and bespoke offering.

Everything we do is of the highest standard and best practise adhered to in the world today.